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Maha Sadhana $40 6:00 to 7:00p.m.

The Great Divine Whole and Complete Eternal Practices of Sri Dharma, recommended for intermediate through advanced practitioners. This amazing session begins with spiritual Purification discourses conveying the ancient teaching into our modern lives. "Each Posture is designed to bring a special state of conscious," says Dharma, a backbend and inversion expert and creator of many of the popular postures you will learn, which will mystify you in this physically and mentally challenging invaluable practice. You will be shown how to establish proper placement, alignment and the spiritual intention of each pose. He will ignite one-pointedness of mind and steady determination that will have you doing poses you never thought you could. It continues with in-depth, long and challenging Dharma III-IV Shiva Namaskara practice, including healing deep relaxation and a reflective meditation practice. Included is a joyous Devotional Dharma Asana Satsang Jam. Personal attention and helpful hints are given throughout the session as well as direction toward the real true goal of Yoga. Pre-registration is required for this once a month special workshop. $40 with pre-registration, $50 day of We'll meet up at DYCCT (in Meriden) at 2:00 PM on Saturday, car pool to Union Station (New Haven) and take the train to Grand Central. From there we'll be just a short subway ride and a few steps away from Dharma West. Last time we went we had a bite to eat after and it was a great time☺ Please don't miss an opportunity to meet Dharma.


Partner Yoga - Donation Only - 7:30 to 8:30p.m.

After the 6:00 to 7:30p.m. all level class we will move right into an hour of partner Yoga. Learn how to fly in your poses and help each other advance in strength, flexibility and trust.


Psychic Development - Donation Only - 7:30 to 8:15p.m.

After the 6:00 to 7:30p.m. all level class we will move into a special class consisting of breathing and concentration techniques that will free your creative energy and calm your mind. With a relaxed body and mind you will be more able to go within and let your heart tell you what you truly want and need. You may want to help out someone else or wish for something that will better your own life (which will help others as well). This sequence of techniques was taught to Dharma Mittra by Yogi Gupta and to Jeff’s teacher training class by Sri Dharma. It took Jeff years to get permission from Dharmaji and Eva to teach this class on his own.